Sunday, December 19, 2010

It is like this every year

Every year at this same time I realize just how close Christmas is. We don't do much decorating. As a matter of fact I usually only put a couple of snow people on the porch and my Precious Moments nativity set on the mantle. We used to put up a tree, but it really was only for the kids. Now that all of my kids are grown and  two live far away we don't even put up a tree. I hope when/if we have grandchildren that changes. I'm pretty sure it will since Ray and I both become rather crazy when we have a child to buy for.
We buy for our two year old niece, but we gave her presents to her when we got to see her at Thanksgiving. We still have a few more for her, but we are shipping those.

I have always had a hard time at Christmas. I have never been able to get a good balance in my head about the whole celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with a tree and presents and tons of stress and debt and all the stuff that comes with the way everyone celebrates the season. I'm not judging, not in the least. I am glad most can really enjoy the season and the gift giving and the time spent together. We have always only spent the money we had set aside for gifts, so never a debt there. We usually sing in the church choir musical but not this year.

I will spend this time of the year inside my head and heart mostly. I will buy a few gifts. I will send money. I will cook. Mostly I will  try to think about His birth, His life, and His gift.

Just thinking,


Tamera said...

Thanks for the reminder. While I haven't really bought into the "craziness" of Christmas, I haven't been meditating on the "reason for the season" as much as I should.

Anonymous said...

We don't get into the craziness here either. I do reflect on the good times and good friends and the many Christmas memories and hopefully make many more memories.
Linda G