Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm home

I went to a retreat with many ladies from my quilt guild in Mobile and had a fantastic time. I stayed a few extra days with my friend Nancy. I love Nancy. We have great talks and lots of fun in the sewing room. She is a really good cook so I had good food too.

When I got home I spent lots of time with Ray since he said he missed me so much. We went shopping and bought a television console (finally!) and then spent yesterday untangling wires and cords to move everything. Honestly I didn't do much of that since I don't know one cord or wire from another and don't care to learn. I did the Diet DP runs and the cheering. Whew, exhausting! :)

Last night was the first time in the sewing room since returning home. Nancy sent me home with some sewing for Linus and I managed to get some blocks sewn together.

The back looks like this. In the south there are more days we would like to lay under a light blanket or sheet than a quilt so this has no batting.
Today I want to get the strips applied to the seam allowances.

Ok, off to do a bit of house straightening so I won't feel guilty going to the sewing room.



Chris said...

Lucky you! I need to go on a retreat one of these days.

Charlene S said...

You are right about more days using a light blanket but right now I sure am glad for my quilts. 29 degrees in South Louisiana!!

Quilter Kathy said...

I'm not sure how you're going to cover these seams...sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

I've been making some quilts like that for awhile. Actually have sewn the strips to some of my "ugly" fabric that I once thought beautiful so mine were a bit heavier than yours. I cut my pieces to cover the seams about 2"