Monday, January 24, 2011

Alive but...

not much sewing. I have been preparing some applique and sewing a few pieces on my trip around the world that I have been working on forever.
I went back to my rheumatologist and have to go back next week. Some issues with blood work and pain so haven't felt much like typing or sewing. Very little house work and no walking has happened here.
Lots of my energy has been used up on house breaking the dogs. From the time we brought them home they have spent any time they were not under our eagle eyes in their play/exercise pen. Now that they are 6 months old and have more mature bladders it is time to be diligent. They are progressing well with very few mistakes. :)
I hope to get more accomplished this week. Ray is out of town and I don't have to cook unless I want to (I won't I assure you!) so I should get lots of alone time in the sewing room.

Later, but hopefully not too much later,

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Linda said...

Good to hear from you again. We missed you at the retreat. I'm off to CA for awhile to see my sweet little granddaughter.