Thursday, January 6, 2011

So much going on...

Do you remember when I was making the shepherd and sheep quilt and I lost the brown I was using to make the staff? As i was looking to pull some civil war fabrics I looked down in a stack I have in from of my neatly folded fabrics on the shelf, and what do I see sitting right up on top??
 Yep, there it is! I told you it would show up after I finished the whole quilt! UGH! Oh well, at least I have it back. it is one of my favorite very dark fabrics.
 I was looking up here. On the top shelf. The top shelf that holds the civil war fabrics. The fabrics I look through almost every day. Now tell me, why did I put them on the TOP shelf? The one I need a stool to climb up there to have a good look. Wouldn't it make sense to pull those fabrics down to a lower shelf? Oh, but that would be smart!  I'm so goofy sometimes.
 I pulled these fabrics so I could make the block Barbara Brackman put up on her new blog. Go check it out and see all the pretty blocks others have made.  I make no promises, but I would love to make a block a week and end up with a wonderful quilt at the end of the year.
Let's see if I have sticking power and win over my ADD battle.


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