Saturday, January 8, 2011

You have not because you ask not...

My Pastor told me that once and it was true then and still true today. Back in early December I asked at the retreat if anyone had any Chocolat fabric by Moda. No one had any, but my friend Linda G. remembered and found someone on the internet that had some for sale. Long story short Linda told me about it I contacted the lady and here it is. I love that!
 There is a quilt I found in a Miss Rosie book that I think this Chocolat would be perfect for but I didn't have quite enough, now I do. :^) Thanks Linda!!!

Along the same thought, my guys and I were at the Amish furniture store after having a fabulous meal at Yoder's (in Sarasota). We were stuffed! Anyway back to the story. Ray and I went to look at curio type cabinets  for our formal living room. We knew we would find beautiful stuff at Miller's so we went. While there I just happened to ask Ella if they made sewing furniture. She informed me that 2 or 3 years ago a lady came in and order one special made and they kept the drawing and they could make another one.
This is exactly what I have been telling Ray I wanted. Something that looks like a teacher's desk but with a lift for a sewing machine. They make quality furniture that I would be handing down to my grandchildren. The price is right in the same range as the stuff you can buy at the sewing machine centers only this wouldn't be particle board with veneer.
I want to do some tweaking of the drawing since I'd like to have the leg space a bit wider, since I'm a bit wider. I want slide out board on both sides above the drawers. I like that better than the flip up piece they show on the left side. They have the measurements of the top as 20"x51 1/2" , I think I want it a bit deeper, maybe 30" of so. Maybe by the time I tweak it it won't look anything like the original drawing. :)

Ok I need to go to bed. Ray, the doggies and I went for a walk tonight and I am beat! Boo walked 3/4 of the way, Little Girl hardly walked at all, and Ray and I walked 1.5 miles. I know, it isn't much, but you have to start somewhere.


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