Monday, January 3, 2011

Internet issues

I have had the hardest time staying connected to the Internet!
My husband and son entered into an agreement. My son wanted fasted Internet speed and my husband told him if he wanted to pay for it we would get it. Joseph jumped at the chance. For $10 a month investment he felt it was a good deal. I think it stinks! Ever since we got the "faster" speeds I keep getting knocked off line. GRRR!

I'll show them! I'll go to my sewing room and not come out!
 So I did!

Uh oh! I still need some blocks...
 This is what happens to your new ironing pad when you iron over paper piece patterns that have gone through a laser printer. :(
Finally! I have them all made...but I have to put them together and rip the paper...doesn't sound fun...
TA DA!!!! This was always meant to be a table quilt for my dining room, but since them we have moved twice and I no longer know what exactly I will do with it. I may put a small birder and put it on the breakfast table, and I may make it a dual duty. Who knows? :)

I'm just happy I emptied another UFO box! Now to get it quilted.
Blogger and the Internet seem to be cooperating right now so I had better get this published before it all acts up again.

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Linda said...

Love the quilt and I love using quilts as table toppers. Was this one of your UFO Challenges?