Thursday, January 13, 2011

They grow so fast

This was taken today. I still break out in a smile every time I see these cute little faces. They are looking at me like this because I was trying to whistle to get their attention and I can't whistle.  They always turn their heads that way when I do that. Poor dears I probably hurt their ears. I've have been looking through fabrics trying to decide if I had what I needed in case I decide to to the My Tweets BOM over at One Piece at a Time. Last year she did a BOM called Florabunda and it was BEAUTIFUL! I printed all the patterns and put them all in page protectors and even made the templates but couldn't start it due to fear. I loved her color choices but it was so far removed from anything I own I was frozen.

But over the last year I have managed to pick up a few fabrics that might look good. I found the two multi colored spot fabrics on top and loved them. I have bought pieces here and there that kinda go with them. Neither fabric has enough colors in them for a whole selection, but if I put both of them together I can get enough.
  What do you think? Seriously I need opinions. Do I need to pull more? Do I need to get rid of any? I have two or three solids in there just because I didn't have enough greens but if I can find some prints to replace them with I will.


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Linda said...

I think you probably have enough colors to at least start the project. And it should be beautiful!!!