Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Live and Learn

Every single stitch I made yesterday has to be unstitched! UGH!
It was too hot to sew in my sewing room so I moved my featherweight into the dining room to work on some little, easy, no brain type 9 patches. Me in my infinite wisdom didn't check my seam allowance because "I know it's right!". WRONG!
I had all of my little 9 patches made and was about to sew them to the solid alternating square when I noticed they almost 1/4" smaller. Ah man! No amount of pressing and stretching was gonna get that block big enough. GRRR!
I just wanted to (insert whining here) sew some and have some down time, and relax with no frustrations. yeah right!


Oh well what was I expecting?  I'm glad it was only about 12 blocks, and they are small, and I don't mind ripping out!
Maybe I can get them right today.
Woo Hoo! More sewing!! AND everyone is OUT of the house today, another WOO HOO! My day is getting better and better.


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