Wednesday, June 4, 2008

fabric fabric everywhere...

Man at the emails wondering if I REALLY cleaned the pig sty. LOL!

Well I have been working...

I finally have all the fabric in my sewing room folded and almost all of it in boxes for moving. Now after saying that you must understand that I still have fabric downstairs (not much) that was in the under the stairs closet and also all of the dyed fabric from my business (a lot!) that I still have not finished folding. I hope to get that all finished today. Yeah right!

The tall boxes hold pieces one yard or larger by color family and the short boxes have the smaller than one yard but larger than a fat quarter not sorted by color. I had run out of energy by that time and wondered if it was really necessary, I decided it wasn't.

My friend Linda in Houston who is probably the most organized person I know (she will disagree, but trust me) will be so proud of me. You know those Ziploc XXL bags you can buy at Sam's and Target? Well I gave away 3 FULL bags of fabric and patterns to my Linus group. Most of the fabric was snapped up on the spot for on going Linus quilts,so I am happy someone will use it and be happy with it. It was not really ugly fabric, just stuff I only had a FQ of or leftover from another project or just I no longer loved. I'm pretty frugal in my cutting and I don't throw out much but I was happy to let go of some fabric. Which if you know me, you know I NEVER do. LOL I am the one at retreats snagging the left over triangle corners so I can make half square triangles. But now I am just rambling...

I went through kits that I had bundled myself and put in clear shoe boxes and judged whether it was something I thought I would actually make or if everything was still in it or not. Some of them didn't even have the pattern with the fabric if you can believe that! What was I thinking? :)

I have stacked magazines I am giving away. I have patterns ready to go through to see if I want to cull any. I had several cans of spray baste that I knew I couldn't use up and knew from the last move I couldn't leave for the movers to move so I gave them away and I know the Linus group will be pleased to not have to pin baste all those quilts.
Today is the day I get to pick up my going away quilt from the quilter. I am so excited!
I will post pictures as soon as I get home with it.

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