Monday, June 2, 2008

Walking and rambling

Do you do much walking? I don't. Not anymore at least. Since we moved to this town 10 years ago we no longer have the ability to do much walking. I mean we used to walk to the bank, to the dentist, pharmacy, park, etc. Now we don't do much of that. We could still walk to the pharmacy and the dentist but nothing else. I was reading on a Morning Ramble about the walk score in her area of the world. I go to the link she provides for your own walk score and discover mine is only 20. Mine is considered a "drive only" area. Too bad.

We are looking for place to live in Florida so I am going to put that on my list of things I would like to have, sidewalks and destinations. I love walking in the evenings but we don't do it much for fear of being run over.

I have been doing more playing around with the disappearing 9-patch. At the quilt shop we have some really pretty, floral print that just begged to be made into a quilt.

This is one that Candy the owner of The Cotton Blossom quilt shop made and I fell in love with it and made one very similar. Mine is still in block form but I hope I will have it in a top in the next day or so. I have so much on my plate trying to get stuff organized and ready to move,search for houses on the internet, clean out replant the flowebeds, pack up my dye business, etc. But sewing really keeps me from doing bodily damage to those I love.

Anyway, I am off to do more packing and throwing out.



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