Saturday, June 7, 2008

It Arrived! and other random stuff

Here is my animated youngest son showing his excitement when his graduation present arrived.
He is so silly! :)

Daddy bought the extra security since he will be taking this to college. Lo/Jack was not available when our oldest son went to college, so he spent the whole time at school with one hand on the computer at all times.
The Sound Blaster card is just because everyone needs to hear those great tunes as best as they can sound.

This would be son on the phone talking with Dad (who is out of town) telling him play by play what he is doing and what it looks like while he is doing it.

How cute!

I have been spending so much time this week doing quilt related things but no actual quilting. :(

I went to Monday Bunch on Monday (appropriate name huh?). This is a group of guild members who like to learn new techniques and practice them by making a few blocks then giving the blocks to the Linus group. This was where I gave two bags of fabric away.

I went to Sew and Sews on Tuesday. This is the Linus group made up of a lot of Monday Bunch ladies and a few others. We had several tops ready for borders so we tackled them and sent them home with one of the quilters. This is when I gave away a bag of fabric and two partial bolts. Oh the FREEDOM! :^)

Wednesday I rested! I went to the quilt shop for a couple of hours. Joseph had to go to the bank and open his first ever checking account. Since he doesn't love driving my truck I had to take him.

Thursday I went to a quilt show board meeting. I didn't know I was going to do this so it kind of threw a wrinkle in my day, but I survived.

Friday I slept late and went to the quilt shop in the afternoon. Joseph and I went to Books a Million and I was so excited to find so many Jan Karon books on the sale table. I have been re-reading the Mitford series of books. I just love them.

I am surprised I did something everyday that had to do with quilts or quilting, but didn't actually sew a seam. Hmmmm, must remedy this TODAY!

I am so excited, my friend Linda (A) is back! She went on a cruise with her husband and I missed talking with her so much when she called me last night we talked for 276 minutes. Do you know how long that is??? Do the math, it is over 4.5 hours! We are crazy!

I might get to go see her in a few days so I am gonna keep my fingers crossed.



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