Thursday, June 26, 2008

Home at last!

Today I was able to go pick up my Bernina 1230. :) I am very happy to have it home, so I can take it to Florida with me. I am preparing a kit of blocks to work on and really wanted to take the 1230, but was prepared to take my other machine if need be.
I tell you what, getting work done on a Bernina is not cheap. The bill was just pennies under $160. EEK! I am not too upset as the machine was a good price and I have only bought me two fun things after all my years of having my business, this and my iPod. I am pretty tight fisted with my business profits. I have bought other people gifts, but not so much for me. I am running on tonight aren't I?LOL
Ok, I am gonna go cut more blocks as I feel like I am making no sense...could be the hour...


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