Monday, July 14, 2008

Back in Mobile

We arrived back in Mobile after horrendous rains all day yesterday. There were several times on the freeway that we were barely moving 20mph due to the heavy rains. The drive that normally takes Ray 8 1/2 to 9 hours to drive took us 10 1/2. I was so road weary when we got home I could have cried.
It was so good to get my arms around my youngest. I missed him so much. We all sat up and talked a bit last night but finally off to bed with us. It was so good to crawl up in my wonderful bed after 2 weeks on the worst hotel mattress ever made. Joseph told us this morning he slept better than he had the whole time we were gone. Poor baby.
We had to drive the rental car to New Orleans airport today and return it. Ray got us a great deal on a rental with Hertz by agreeing to pick the car up in Orland and return it to N.O. The regular cost of a rental for a week was over$200. We only paid $79.00 a week. Plus while we were there to pick up the car they had problems with no computers working for you to "self check" and there was a waiting line of over an hour. We got a free upgrade, a free GPS (that came in handy more than once) and a $50 certificate for our next rental which I will use in 2 weeks. Then today when I returned the car the lady asked me how everything was. Well, I didn't want to be blamed for it so I told her that the previous person had spilled milk in the floor and it has soured in the carpet. She without hesitating gave us $25 off my bill. So I drove a Toyota RAV4 SUV for two weeks for a total of $146. Not too shabby!

Tomorrow we work some more on decluttering. Fun,fun.


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