Thursday, July 17, 2008

out and about with friends

Tuesday the workers were at my house painting and needed to have the electricity turned off so they could get to the second floor without frying themselves on our power lines. I was NOT going to stay in my house in south Alabama in mid July without A/C! I decided to go to a workshop my guild was having to prepare for our upcoming quilt show boutique. I had a lot of fun. I made a "space saver". This is like a placemat for your sewing machine, but it has the benefit of pockets that hang off the edge of the table to hold your scissors and seam ripper and other various things you need while sewing. I was told it was called a space saver because it "saves your space" at a retreat or class when several people are using one table. It saves half of the depth and half of the length of a 6" table for your space. I am the worlds worst about my stuff growing all over the table. This keeps me more in line. I know my table mates appreciate it! :)
I also made an applique block carrier. This is much harder to explain than it should be. I will look for a picture of it to post.

I need to do laundry..

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Paula said...

I want to see a pic of the space saver too! That sounds like something I could use.