Friday, July 4, 2008

House Hunting

Like I stated in my last post, I am in Florida hunting for our new home. We have decided since our last move that we would try our best to never buy right off the bat again. That gives us time to really get to know the area.

I have looked at so many homes my brain is all confused. I know Linda I stay confused, but if you can believe it, I am worse now!

If I counted correctly I have seen 16 homes with the realtor in 2 days and one of those homes twice. Then after Ray left his office I took him back to look around the homes I didn't take off the list.

Right now unless the realtor comes up with anymore to look at I think I have it narrowed down to 3 possible homes. One house keeps coming to my mind as the perfect house. It has all we asked for plus it has a pool and spa and it is only minutes from Ray's office. How nice would that be?

Homes in Florida are way different than homes in Texas and Alabama. I have not seen one wood frame home, they are all stucco and none of them have fences of any kind. One back yard just opens right up to the next. I guess it isn't bad, just different. I will have to get used to the fact I can't go in the backyard in my gown to put out the trash anymore. Believe me the neighbors will appreciate that!

This is a picture of the kitchen in the house that keeps coming to my mind as the house we need to rent. Do you think I could handle a kitchen that color? Hmmm...

What do you think of the pool? I can just imagine me in the spa every evening relaxing the knots out after a long day of quilting. Ahhhhh...

I'll keep looking until I know for sure.



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