Monday, July 21, 2008

Whiz, Bang, I'm gone again...

I've been home just over a week,running around trying to get work done on the house and see friends, now I am off again.
Early in the morning we jump on a plane to Colorado for a couple of days. It is a short working vacation. Ray goes to meetings in the mornings and in the afternoon we meet up for sightseeing.
While he is in meetings I will be checking out the quilting museum and a couple of stores.

Now I need to finish packing...I hate packing. I am always afraid I won't have what I need, but don't want to pack too much. I have books loaded on my iPod, magazines I have refused to look at all week so they will be new on the plane and I am debating taking an applique block...hmmm...I don't know if I will actually work on it...why bother...Oh well I will set it out and if I want I will grab it in the morning.
I have decided to leave my computer home so no checking email or reading blogs. I may go crazy, but I think I will just be too busy to bother with it.

Until I get home,

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