Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hurry up and wait

That is where we are right now. Rush, rush, rush to get all sorts of paper work filled out and delivered, just to be told they would call us when they had more information. UGH! The only thing I hate more than change is waiting!

So I have been sewing!
I have 14 houses made. I don't know why I chose to make houses except that is what I have had on my mind a lot lately. They go together really fast.
Yes, these are the houses from Bonnie's Quiltville site.
All from my scrap bins.
Yesterday my sweetie took me to check out the local Joann's. He decided to spoil me with the new Gingher rotary cutter. I thought it was too much to pay for a cutter especially when I have at least six of various sizes and designs at home already. But let me tell you it does feel good in the hand. I have problems with dropping things and I have dropped my rotary cutters many times. I have thought about buying myself steel toe boots to wear while I am cutting! This cutter feels so balanced I hope I don't have that problem anymore.
I'm gonna go back to my houses.

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