Sunday, August 10, 2008

I can't sleep

I hate insomnia!
I have suffered with insomnia for years. It never comes along when I have something to do that needs long hours of uninterrupted work. Nope those times I am asleep by 9pm!
When Ray started going to Florida without me I couldn't sleep but understood it was most likely from him being gone and I needed to get used to sleeping alone. It took a while but I finally got used to it. But now it is back. I have only had one good night of sleep in the past 8 nights.
I am too tired to trust myself to cut out the quilt I need to make for my niece, I finished listening to all of my books on tape, and I have read all of my quilt books several times. :( I'm bored.
I have completed about 30 Sudoku puzzles this week. I am really tired of 1-9, I want some new numbers!

I have been listening to OLD music lately. Right now I am listening Boz Scaggs singing Lowdown. Earlier it was the Bee Gees and before that it was Johnny Horton. I tell you I have been reaching WAY back. I used to play Johnny Horton songs for my kids to remind them of the history they had learned in school.

Oh! Argent just came on singing Hold your head up!
But I guess really should lay my head down...

I guess I will go watch some more Olympics.


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