Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yesterday was such a great day!

I'm collecting for a wedding quilt...
I was unexpectedly able to attend my quilt guild meeting. Everyone (almost) was in there since this was the meeting that we had potluck lunch. It was so great! I got one million comments like "your still here?" "are you ever moving?" "I thought you moved already!" "your like a bad penny, you keep showing up!" If I wasn't sure these ladies really loved me I might have a complex by now. LOL

After lunch I was allowed to bring excess fabric and pattern stock from my business to sell so I wouldn't have so much to move. The ladies were so supportive and I was able to sell 2 full boxes of fabric (I brought 6 boxes). I am so thankful!

Before the meeting I picked up my friend and drove her to the meeting. She had just had surgery on her foot and was unable to drive. I drive a 1997 Ford F250. It is a Big truck. I have to jump to get in it so I was worried she would not be able to get in, but she did.

I am one of those people who like to take care of people. So even though Nina didn't need me to take care of her, I still did it. Took her bags in the building, got her drink for lunch, moved chairs for her to prop her foot in, you know little stuff.

I tell you one think, after the whole day of getting up early to make the fresh fruit salad, haul the heavy fabric and patterns to the truck, yada, yada I got home and I was exhausted! I sat down to read my email and fell sound asleep for at least two hours. You know one of those hard sleeps that when you wake up you feel like a zombie.

Another good thing that happened was my daughter came over and spent about an hour. I never get to see my daughter so it was nice to see her. She has grown her hair out again and she looked very good.

Then I made dinner and it turned out great too! I took some pesto and covered a few chicken breasts and pan grilled them, then I boiled some fettuccine pasta and I had some Alfredo sauce in the pantry. It was yummo! Cooking just from my freezer and pantry with no running to the store can make for some creative cooking, but this meal turned out good.

Do you know what this is? I found this at Lacy's Quilt Studio in Foley, Alabama and it is made to hold all sorts and sizes of rulers and even small cutting mats. It can set on the table/floor or hang on the wall. This is going to be GREAT!

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