Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pressure and how to let it off...


I tried all day yesterday to post, but Blogger and my computer hates me! If I could get my computer to work correctly, then Blogger forgot who I was. Or if Blogger was cooperating, then my computer would act up. Today it seems they want to play nicely...I hope...
Do you remember when I was going to be so smart and get a jump on packing my sewing room? Remember how the move was just around the corner and I needed to get to work on everything? Why oh why do I listen to people (husband, real estate agent, leasing agent, attorney) when they say "Diane you will be in Florida by the end of June(July, August)"?
If anyone hasn't noticed I am still here! In Mobile! My sewing room has been packed since some time in May! I am no longer a happy camper! GGRRRR!

Guess what I did to alleviate some of the pressure. I unpacked parts of my sewing room!!!!!! }:^)
I dug through my fabrics and picked bundles for the retreat I am attending this weekend. I unpacked utensils so I could find my sewing machine things, such as my scissors I like at my machine, and my seam ripper which I rarely use since I have my favorite scissors with a fine point that is better at cutting seams. I got my rotary cutter and ruler that I love the most.

Do you have a favorite set of tools?I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...heck lets be honest here I will tell you mine whether you tell me yours or not! LOL

My Favorite Tools:
1. Fiskars micro tip - these are the best! They have a spring so you don't have to work so hard and they cut all the way to the tip, great for taking out stitches.

2. Clover seam ripper - if I have set my scissors aside and have to take out a seam, then I use the Clover, it is fat, great for stiff hands, and it is sharp for even the toughest poly/cotton thread, and the tip is thin so it can be used by those of us who like a short stitch.

3.Clover pin holder - I LOVE this pin holder! I can hear you now saying,"Diane that is just a magnetic pin holder, just like every other pin holder." Oh I beg to differ! This is not like every other pin holder. This one is oval, so it can sit right under my arm in front of my sewing machine. I used to use a round pin holder but it hung off the edge of my sewing table and I was constantly making sure it didn't fall off in my lap. This holder also has a magnet that runs long ways only so the pins stay parallel to the sides,instead of every which way. Last but not least it comes with a snap on lid that comes in handy when I go on trips. No more pins in the bottom of my bag. :^)

4.Bendable sewing light - I don't care where I am I never seem to have enough light. This wonder has made my sewing time so much easier. The best part is it is I no longer have to lug my expensive Ott light to retreats and worry I am going to break it in transit.

5. Timer - I never seem to know what time it is. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but there are times I need to be finished and out the door to pick someone up, or meet someone for dinner, or call someone ( I am so important you know) so I found this timer in my kitchen and said, huh I could use this in my sewing room. I wasn't using it in the kitchen. :^0

7. iPod- I LOVE MY iPOD! I even made a special pocket in my sewing space saver to hold it. I listen to books on tape, and different kinds of music, my favorite being country.
Let me hear from you!

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