Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm back at least for a while...

I'm back from my travels. I had a great time in Colorado if you don't count the hotel room on the fourth floor and NO ELEVATOR! It had broke. Not a problem I am approximately 472 pounds over weight, suffer from arthritis and COPD so high elevation, thin air and four flights of stairs carrying my suitcase and backpack was a LOTS of fun. An hour after arriving in my room and as I was just catching my breath my sweet husband asks me if I wanted to go get something to eat. I was all for it until I remembered if I went down the stairs I had to come back up them.I decided I would be happy to eat the crackers in my backpack and drink a glass of tap water. Yummo! Happiness is a decision remember.
The next morning I headed down the stairs to eat and shop in the local quilt shops. There are four shops in Estes Park area. How cool is that? I managed to stay gone all day and picked up Ray at the hotel for dinner and only had to climb the stairs once. But that last stair climb was it for me.I couldn't handle it. Honestly I thought I was about to die. I would have gone to the ER for oxygen but couldn't face the stairs again. I finally got my breath and called the front desk begging them to kick someone out of a first floor room so I could have it. The evil manager the night before told me there were no other room in the whole place. But this night as I spoke to the sweet, caring, nice manager he said," Well of course there is a room on the first floor and you are more than welcome to it. I had many many thoughts come to my mind like "What do you mean there is a room on the first floor? Why am I dragging my fat behind up four flights of stairs if there is a room?" But I was afraid he might change his mind if I didn't jump fast so I said "I'll take it!" I tell you I was the favorite wife the remainder the week! My hubby thought I was wonderful for getting him a shorter commute (his seminar was in the hotel conference room) and one that did not require oxygen therapy afterwards.

I drove to Golden to see the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. I enjoyed it. I wish there had been more to see, but what I did see was great. Some were very African style quilts, some were pretty modern and some were very traditional.
Then I drove to Denver and found myself at Harriet's Treadlearts. A GREAT shop. I spent all of my budget there. Well really I spent more,since I had already visited 4 shops the day before. But I didn't really share that with Ray. shhhh!

We arrived back in Mobile late Saturday night with just enough time for me to do laundry so we could jump in the truck and drive to Houston the next morning. The hotel in Houston was top notch with an elevator and a chef! I was impressed!
I spent time with my friend Linda. Y'all I honestly believe everyone should have a friend like my Linda. We have the best time together. I was thinking about this the other night. The only people I have known longer than Linda are my parents and my husband. I hope we have another 27+ years of friendship! I know Linda reads this occasionally and she knows how I feel.
I had dinner with my sisters and my parents. That was fun. I was a bit apprehensive about the evening, as we sometimes have a way of hurting each other. Not intentionally I am sure, but still it hurts. This night was great though. Everyone talked and laughed and got along so well. I enjoyed it a lot.
I also go to meet the newest member of the family. Hannah is 5 months old and absolutely beautiful! She looks a lot like my babies did. It helps that my babies looked a lot like her moma. Hannah has just learned to raspberry. How cute is that???
We got home late Saturday evening just in time for me to do laundry for Ray to leave Monday morning for Florida. UGH! I tell you the weekend rolls around and I have been trained to get the laundry done! LOL

I need to get to bed. All of the travelling had caused lots of flair ups. Between IBS, arthritis, COPD and migraines I have been trying to get more rest so I can feel better. Today I actually felt a difference so it must be working.


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