Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm having a swap!

I have decided after much cleaning, sorting, selling and giving away in my sewing room to have a swap.

I have decided to swap this new never used pattern left after closing my business, called Tree of Life by Bright Ideas Design Company for ideas from you all on organization.
I am moving from a home I own into a leased home. I won't spend a lot of money to build a fancy sewing room/stash organizer area since I will be moving out of it probably in a year. I need ideas that I can use to make it neat attractive but usable. I don't mind spending some money but I want to keep it to as little as possible.

I need ideas!

Send me your idea and Sunday I will draw a name. EVERY idea will be greatly appreciated, as I am currently living out of boxes in my sewing room and it is no fun!
Hope to get lots of ideas!

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Linda said...

Having moved very often in my life here's my contribution. Turn the boxes on their sides so the opening is toward you, stack boxes on top of each other and then treat the boxes as "expensive" storage bins! It's worked for me in the past--until I settled down a little!
Linda (no blog)