Monday, November 3, 2008

It's starting to take shape

I am tired of putting the house together and decided to devote my energy on my sewing room this week.
I should have taken a picture of before because looking at this you might think this is the before, but believe me this is after A LOT of work.
This is my sewing and pressing area. The idea is I can piece and then turn around and press, since I really like to press each seam as I go. The blue drawer unit is full of Civil War reproduction fabrics. I have more that won't fit so I see a top made from these coming soon.

This is a shot of my closet. I really need help here.

This is my favorite wall. It also happens to be the only wall that seems to have a smidgen of organization. The quilt on the left is my going away quilt from my Jubilee Jabber friends. I just love it!
This evening we have to change the pump on my washing machine. My husband says he is going change it and I am going to assist him, but sometimes that doesn't work out too well, and since I have been in a grumpy mood lately he may opt for doing it alone or with Joseph.
I'm not sure why I have been so moody lately except it could be that my Daddy had a stroke the night before we left for Florida and I have only been getting once a day updates on his condition. I think I will be better now though since I actually got to speak with him today and he sounded great. His voice was strong and he said he was actually feeling better. That was a relief!
Maybe I will sleep better tonight.

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Paula said...

I'm so glad you've got a great sewing/quilting room. Things are starting to look organized. Look at all those books!!! Love it!!! I see some stuff there I recognize!