Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Great day!

We arrived in Mobile late in the evening Monday. We quickly unpacked the truck then walked over to Bonefish Grill across the parking lot from the hotel. We had a light dinner and off to bed we went.
This morning I called my friend Nancy and she and her sister came and picked me up to go sew at Joyce's house. This was the regularly scheduled meeting of the Old Sew and Sews. We have so much fun. Once a month we meet and sew quilt tops for Linus. We laughed and talked and ate a wonderful lunch.
I got a good ribbing from several of them about my "stashbusting". Mostly from one who has witnessed my buying abilities while in Paducah. LOL I explained that I am not "busting" my stash I am just keeping tack of my usage.
Then she got a huge laugh out of the fact I found the tub of fabric the other day in the garage.
She's just jealous! LOL

I sure love these ladies! I am so glad they are in my life.
What a great day!
(no pictures because my camera failed to get unpacked from the truck last night)

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