Sunday, February 8, 2009

Stash Use Report #6

While in Mobile I was asked about my stash use by a friend who thinks I have only been good in not buying because all of my friends have not been around to tempt me. LOL I think she is right!
I was in Mobile all of 15 hours and had already visited one of the best places to buy Civil War repros. I had to have help lugging the bags (yes bags) out to the car.
The next day I went back with a friend and what do you know there was some more CW fabrics I missed the day before. LOL Not too much just a few pieces. :)
Friday I went to the quilt show I wrote about in the previous post. There was a lady who sold ethnic fabric ( I hope that is what you call it). She had fabric made in Indonesia, Africa and Australia. It was great! I bought a couple pieces that would look good with my hand dyed fabrics.

So Joanne, I think you may have something there. I haven't bought anything because I missed all of you and needed your excitement to get me excited!

Fabric used this week : 0
Fabric added this week : 36.5 yards ( Oh my goodness!)
Fabric used to date : 16.41
Fabric added to date : 36.5 (ok so I am approximately 20 yards in the red...I had fun!)



Lori said...

By the sounds of things, I think you did very good leaving some behind. I could see a lot more coming home with me lol.

Paula said...

Ooohhhh. I want pictures!!!! LOL