Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stash Use Report #5

Can you believe I completely forgot to post last weeks report? I can. (:^o

It doesn't really matter since I am a spastic quilter. I am either full speed or dead in the water. In the past two weeks I have worked on two quilt projects.

Confetti is something I started just because I wanted to make something. I was itching to sew but didn't want to working on any of my UFOs. Isn't that how we get so many UFOs? LOL

I made this as I was dealing with insomnia when my husband was out of town. I always have trouble sleeping when he is gone. As the picture shows I have 20 blocks made and I have 28 more blocks partially made.

  • So my report is:
  • Fabric added: 0
    Fabric used this week: 11.75 yards
  • Fabric added to date: 0
  • Fabric used to date: 16.41 yards


Brenda said...

I love your quilts!! Nice and bright - very pretty. Wanting to sew is how I ended up making my Strip Twist the other day. Fightins cold, didn't want to have to do much thinking and - the rest is history!! I love projects that give you something to do when you want to sew but don't want to think...

Donna said...

I love the confettie quilt - very bright and happy. The pattern would make a good baby quilt.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Love the 20 blocks.
What are wonderfu colorful happy quilt.

Lori in South Dakota said...

I quilt to deal with insomnia--I wonder how many quilts are born that way?

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I love your quilts! wonderful job on them. I also jump from one project to another. I tend to get bored with one and move on to the next before the first one is done that is why I have so many UFOs / BOBs on hand. Great job on your stash busting - keep at it.

Sherry said...

What pretty & bright "happy" quilts!

Good job on the stash busting too!