Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dealing with customer service...

Normally that would make me break out in hives. Yesterday while I was out emptying my bank account buying groceries I picked up some Rubbermaid Premier food storage containers.

I got them home and was admiring how pretty and clear they were and how the lids snapped to the bottom of the container so you don't lose the lid in the "cave of old butter tubs and sherbet containers" also known as the leftover dish cabinet. I was so excited...until I noticed the small dish's lid didn't snap, it just sort of barely clung to the bottom. Oh NO! This can't be, I can not go back to the grocery store and return this...I hate returning things!

So what did I do? I called Rubbermaid this morning expecting to have to talk to a computer and push multiple numbers to get to leave my name on a machine and never hear from human, but oh no! I heard, "Thank you for choosing Rubbermaid how may I help you?" At first I couldn't speak, I was all ready to push buttons not speak so I stammered and stuttered for a second then I finally found my voice and explained my situation. Expecting to hear, "you must return this item to the place of purchase for a refund" but instead heard "type type type, I will send you a coupon to replace the item." excuse me? Huh? You will? I don't have to return it to the store? "No mam we will send you a coupon."

How cool is that?

I am smiling.


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Linda said...

That's fantastic!!! We've just spent three days trying to activate a new cell phone and the customer service stunk. But anytime you get a REAL person the first time is a red-letter day.