Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What does Rosanna Rosanna Danna say?

Yep, it's always something!

Here I am trying to get the freezer full and everything in order for Ray and I to go to Colorado and North Carolina back to back. Joseph will be here and he will need nutritious food to balance out the junk he will be eating.

I have shopped and planned and worked out the cooking order and now this!

The range freaked! The right front burner has two burners in one; a small eye inside of a large eye. The small eye refused to turn off.

(Lovely view of the partially painted wall huh?)

The repair man came this morning to tell me there was no quick fix. He couldn't even disconnect the right front burner and leave the the rest of them. If one is disconnected then all of them quit working. UGH!

Oh well it could always be worse...I could have to pay the repair bill!



1 comment:

Linda said...

My you have become a traveler. Are you going to visit our "best friend" when you go to Colorado? LOL