Saturday, June 13, 2009

What were you doing 28 years ago today?

Me? I was preparing for a wedding. Mine!

I spent the day packing, talking on the phone, running to the church, and wishing 6:30 pm would get here. The ceremony would be over and I would be a forever more married to the love of my life.

Ray? Well his day wasn't as laid back as mine. First he spent the morning packing a few things then dressing for the softball game that was almost as important as the wedding. More than half of the wedding party was playing in that ball game. We can not talk to anyone in our wedding party or member of our church at that time without hearing about that game.

One of my youngest son's favorite stories is about the wedding and the ball game and how many of the wedding party came rushing in MINUTES before the wedding started.

Was I worried? Nope I was upset I missed such a good game! I am not a sports person,, but anytime I could watch my guy play ball it was a good day. Then of course all the other guys in my life that I loved were playing also. We had such a close group during that time. We are really did love each other.

PLUS they WON! Against a team that was not known for losing well.

I STILL wish I had seen that game! LOL

So 28 years later I am happier than I was then. I am more in love. Ray has proven to be a wonderful, good, honorable man who loves me and shows it daily.

I am a very blessed woman!


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