Sunday, June 7, 2009

Did you hear the bands playing?

There had to be bands playing and a parade too, because I am sure it was Diane Day! :^)

The day started out normal enough. We left and headed to get some lunch, you see it had stormed all night and we all know how wonderful it is to sleep in the rain so we lazed around until about 10am.
Every weekend that we are home starts the same, with Ray saying "What would you like to do today?" Normally I say "Oh whatever you would like to do." Normally we don't do much exciting but this weekend we went exploring.
We found quilt shops and antique shops and used book stores and even went to the mall.

Every time we found a quilt shop the guys made themselves scarce until I finally came out bags in hand. When we went to the antique shop we all scattered and looked to our hearts content. I was ready to go after finding two David Baldacci books for $3 each and was so happy I would have whistled if I knew how.
Ray came up to me and asked me if I had seen the "old sewing machine" over in the back. I said I hadn't but I would go look at it if he thought I should. On the way to the back I spied this beauty and decided for the few dollars they wanted for it I would be happy to take it home. There is no way I would make that tiny of a Yo-Yo much less 381 of them!

I just LOVE it! They finish at less than 3/4" across, too small for my fingers, and made from actual real life 1930's fabrics, no reproductions here.
Then I found my way to the back of the store...
To this beauty. It just so happened that the lady who owned it was in the store so we talked about it and came to an agreement after she told me she was a quilter. When I got home I found I paid the same amount it cost when it was new 80 years ago.
It sews beautifully and it is so quiet. I had to clean the felt out of it as I am not sure it had ever been cleaned.
As far as I can tell from the internet this morning I have a Singer 99-13 with a motor. It has everything plus a Button hole worker (that is what the box says).

I originally asked when we left the house to run to Joann's Fabrics to buy some background fabric for a Dinosaur quilt I wanted to make for Linus Quilts in Mobile.I found some very pale blue and some interesting white on white for background fabrics. The pattern booklet is one I have had for years.

Then I went into this shop in Temple Terrace Florida (I hope that is right) and they are the nicest ladies! I found this Clover bobbin holder and was excited. I have been wanting one since I read about it during Market.

I also bought some Bernina bobbins as I have only 3. I have no idea what happened to my other 3. I know I had 6 to begin with, but they have disappeared.

The shop is involved in a Shop Hop during the whole month of June. I hope to get to some of the other shops involved in this hop before the hop is over. Anyway the needles in the card on the left was a free gift from the shop. How nice!

I happened into another shop and they were having their anniversary sale. I didn't know about it but I was pleasantly surprised when everything I bought was on sale for 20% off! The Fat Quarters were only 99 cents so I picked up a few for the dinosaur quilt.

They also have Tampa Bay fabric! How cool is that? It has Manatees, the Skyway Bridge and Flamingos! I bought enough to make me a pillowcase for my retreat in August.

After we finished at the quilt shops we went over to the mall and went to all my favorite stores. Harry and David, William Sonoma, J.Jill, Coldwater Creek, Sony etc

The scone and lemon curd was YUMMO this morning as it was raining again.

Today I have rested, I need it!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Well Diane, we must have passed each other on the road. Because I was at KMIS in the morning, and Heritage in TT in the late afternoon. What fun. I have managed to go to 5 shops already on the Shop Hop. Maybe we will bump into each other along the way :-)


Linda said...

Wow! Diane, what a great day you had and today you'll spend going through all your bags again and fondling your fabric. Thought about you this weekend at the quilt show and you were missed by everybody!!! (well, almost everybody) LOL

Leslie said...

It sounds like you had a most perfect day....keep savoring it and you'll be able to pull it back out when you need a lift!