Saturday, June 27, 2009


We got home last night and we leave again in the morning. Home just long enough to do laundry and refill the pantry and fridge for the youngest.

Hotels are just not what they used to be.
When I was young we NEVER stayed in a hotel. We hardly ever went anywhere, and when we did we stayed at a family member's home. Once when I was in elementary school we went to Austin for my sister to take some sort of test for her cosmetology license. We stayed in a Holiday Inn on the third floor. That was the only time I remember staying in a hotel and it was just for one night.

I have spent more time in hotels in the past two years that I have probably in the 10 years previous. I remember when hotels were fun to stay in. I remember when the staff of hotels worked to make you feel wanted and appreciated. Not so much anymore. Now it seems like you are an inconvenience and a bother to the staff.

When you have to ask to have your room cleaned, there is a problem. Really, I had to ask TWICE to have my room cleaned. Then one morning about 7:45 am there was a knock on the door. I jump to see if Ray had lost his key just to find two male staff members asking me if I wanted my room cleaned. First I ask them to repeat because I am half asleep. Then I look at the door to see if the Do Not Disturb sign is in place and sure enough it is. I ask them if they read and understand english (many of the staff of this hotel are from various countries, I wasn't being rude). They said they could and so I ask them if they saw the sign on the door. They both, BOTH said yes they saw it but needed to get started on cleaning rooms as they had a full hall to do. What would you do?
I just shut the door. I was afraid of what would come out of my mouth.

Honestly I don't expect much. I want clean sheets and a very clean bathroom. That is about all...well except there is NO reason to not have free WiFi.
I have learned to wear my shoes until I get into the bed. I carry my own Lysol to disinfect and I wipe all surfaces that I or my husband will touch. I carry a quilt and my own pillows when we travel by car. I really am a pretty easy person to get along with in a hotel. All I ask is that the staff do what they are suppose to do. Especially when they cost as much as they do!

Anyway...enough of that! I am repacking and getting ready for next week in Wilmington, North Carolina! I have never been there so I am excited.
I am picking what sewing project I will take since I can take my machine this time. Fun!
I found a new pattern (like I needed a new one) while in Colorado and I can't decide if I want start it or work on something I have already started. Decisions, decisions...

When I get home my MIL will be here the next day, and no I am not ready for her yet! I still have a huge mess in the hallway to her room. My sewing room can not be stepped in. But it will be fine. My MIL is wonderful and never says one word about messes. Everyone should have such a MIL.
Ray can't wait for her to get here. He has been thinking of all the great food she is going to cook for him. He is gaining weight just thinking about it. Chicken and dumplin's, caramel pie, coconut pie, all flavors of pie, minute steaks and potatoes and gravy, fried chicken...basically comfort food. That is a good description of her...comfort. Can you tell we love her?

Gotta go pack some more.

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Vicki W said...

I'm with you. There's almost nothing good about traveling anymore. The only thing worse than hotels is airline travel.