Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rain...dead dishes

I think we are about to float away. In the past 3 days we have had over 5" of rain. I'm not complaining but there was a river between my house and my neighbor's. There is more water standing than dry ground in my neighborhood. I hope it has helped in the drought situation. I know the rainy season is suppose to be drawing to a close so I am sure we will be missing this rain soon.

I have learned over the years I am not good with house plants. I ALWAYS kill them, usually by watering them too much. Once again I have killed plants. My mother in law tried to help me, but apparently she was too little too late, because they are DEAD. Man! Why didn't I get my dad's green thumb? He could throw a plant out in the yard bare roots and all, and in a few weeks they would be blooming and beautiful, honest. He has always been so successful with growing things, me, not so much.

Today we went to Kohl's and found my new dishes. I am so cheap I only looked at the clearance dishes. See the plate in the back of the picture? That is the dinner plate. Then I also chose the small bowl on the right as the dessert/soup bowl. I want to then add Fiesta in coordinating colors to fill out the place setting.

My new kitchen has white cabinets and a red back splash and a neutral counter top so this will be just the thing. I have had the same dishes since we married so it is time for some color!

Later tater,



free indeed said...

Dishes are my weakness! I like to swithch out with the seasons and am always looking for bargains on them. I love your choices! I'm green with envy...they would suit my kitchen as well...
Plants tolerate me..they grow, but are not lush and productive...they just survive :( I think our house is too cold so they aren't comfortable.

Linda said...

Love your new dishes and the Fiesta ware will look great with them!!!

Jo Caglione said...

oooh - pretty:-)