Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home...what a beautiful sight!

I am home again! Oh how happy I am to be home again! LOL
Laundry is washing away in the laundry room.
Now I need to figure out what I am taking to the retreat...yes another road trip...LOL I am not sure I get to claim a home address anymore! LOL

I have been looking forward to this retreat since last year, but my hind side is starting to talk to me about all the riding in cars.
Ray actually wants to go to Disney tomorrow, but I think I am going to tell him I will stay home this time.
Actually all of the travelling isn't over for either of us.
Joseph and I both are headed to Mobile on Thursday. he will head to a friend's house and I go to the retreat. We will get home on Monday and Ray leaves on that same day for three days. UGH!
Hopefully after that we will all be home for several weeks.
Ray's dad just called and asked if he had anymore vacation time for this year. He replied he had two weeks. FIL actually said, "good, you can come spend a whole week!"

He is staying home with me! We still have boxes in the garage. The front bedroom is full of boxes, and the middle bathroom is not finished.

Enough of that..I am tired of thinking about that stuff.

I made my FIRST pecan pie last week! It turned out really good too! My grandma used to make the absolute BEST pecan pie and she taught my mom how to make it. This year I asked Moma to teach me how to make it. I am so glad too! What makes this pie different is it doesn't have a gooey center and pecans on top. This is like a piece of pecan candy in a pie shell. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Ok, the dryer is going off...


Anonymous said...

are you sharing the recipe? I hate to make pecan pie because it's always to "gooey" for me.

Judi said...

I also would love the receipe. My butt is also telling me to stay home for awhile, I have been gone approx the last 6 weeks, I think my address is my van.vbg