Thursday, November 12, 2009

I haven't got lost....

I have just had the worst Internet connections so I have been unable to post.
After 12 days of travelling and visiting I am T-I-R-E-D! But it has been great!!
Just today we have had the great chance to bless a police officer and his family. We happened to be eating in a restaurant and noticed a police officer (in uniform) eating with his wife and two young sons. Ray and I were able to get the waitress to bring us their bill so we could pay for it. Now it was not expensive maybe $40, but the blessing we got from being able to do for someone who puts his life on the line everyday for us. I didn't want the waitress to tell who paid for the bill, but she did and so they all came over to us to thank us. The wife had tears in her eyes.
God has blessed us so much with good health and a job with a good salary and most of all Ray has been blessed with a giving heart.

Then tonight we arrived at a hotel and was unloading our luggage when a nicely dressed woman walks up and asks if we can help her. She said her car broke down and she needs just a few more dollars to pay a cab to get home. Ray (smart man that he is) says he will be happy to pay the cab fare, but will only give it to the cab driver. She says thank you and steps aside saying she is calling the cab and then that he will be here in 15 minutes. We finish unloading our truck and look up and she is gone. Ray said he thought she was going to get her stuff from her car. So we get in our truck and drive in the direction she walked. Guess what, no broken down car, no lady and no cab arrived after 40 minutes. We waited and waited and then went inside the hotel to ask the clerk if she had seen the lady or the cab.
According to the clerk it was a scam...but my smart husband didn't giver her any money so no skin off our nose. But how sad!

Tomorrow we head back to Florida. I am glad to be getting home. I love travelling, but I love getting home.


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