Saturday, November 21, 2009

Travelling again

I am on the road again! We arrived in Malvern AR. last night and will be here a couple of days. We head to Houston either Monday or Tuesday to spend Thanksgiving and do a little bit of work on MIL's house.
I will be home a whole three days and I leave again to head back to Mobile for a quilt retreat. I was super excited about the retreat until this trip, now I am not sure how fun the drive will be! LOL
No, I know I will have so much fun, and the drive will be no big deal.

Right now my back is aching, I have a bite on my leg that is killing me (I did some yard work before leaving and got bit by something), and my allergies are raging. My FIL's wife's grand-daughter is on her way over with her two lovely children so I need to take some drugs so I can put on my smiley face.
There is a quilt shop about 30 miles from here I wanted to go to but may not get to go since they are only open a couple of hours today.

Oh well...all's well that ends well...
Pray for a happy ending!

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Linda said...

Praying for a happy ending for you!!! and UFO wil be that happy ending. Really looking forward to seeing you and hearing your laugh!!! Also, I think you're going to be the great traveller now instead of me....don't you ever stay home?!?!??!? LOL