Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A good day

I had a good day, a productive day!

I woke up with energy and started redoing my pantry. I got it all organized a different way and I hope this way works better. Every day is still a struggle in the kitchen. I just can't get the layout right, but I'm working at it.
After the pantry was finished I started lunch. I made a huge pot of bean soup and a lemon icebox pie. Then I had to clean the kitchen because I am a messy cook. I tend to use every surface, bowl and utensil in the place. It makes me crazy. My mom can cook and so can my MIL and when they finish you can hardly tell they had been in there working because the clean as they go. I have never been able to do that.

Then I hit my sewing room that looked like a tornado had hit it. No exaggeration! I worked in it for over two hours just to be able to set up my sewing machine. I remembered I had been wanting to make myself an iPod carrier thing so I found a piece of scrap fabric and played around and made this. It has a hole for the earphone jack and a long wide strap so I can wear it a long time with out it hurting my neck. Now I just have to figure out something for the long earphone may get tangled on something so I have to wrapped around the strap right now. It's a work in progress.

Remember seeing this project? After cleaning my sewing room I put my hands on the box this was in and decided to work on it. After doing a lot of sewing on blocks I remembered I was suppose to put it together a different way. UGH!
So I have spent more time unsewing all of the seams I had just put in. I could blame it on the fact I was so interested in the book I was listening to on my iPod I wasn't paying attention. Actually the truth is if I had just stopped and looked at the project closer instead of trying to go from memory I wouldn't be ripping so much. And I was doing perfect 1/4" seams too!

Gotta rip some more...

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