Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I told you it hurt!

Pygmy date palms have the sharpest and longest thorns! Not only that they seem to be mildly toxic. All three of us have been stuck by the thorns and all three of us end up with very sore and very red blisters. We have all learned if you mess with the palm tree to wear gloves. No problem.
When I work in the yard though I wear shorts. I am fat and I get very hot. After working in the yard for a couple of days I noticed a spot on my leg that looked like a bug bite but hurt like the dickens. Ray looked at it and said it looked like a splinter but I wouldn't let him touch it as it put me in orbit if he got within an inch of it.
Finally after over a week of this I was getting myself ready to go to the dermatologist as it was still super tender to the touch and not getting better and Ray said let me look one more time. LOOK what he found!

Yep that is my ruler and yep it measures the thorn at 1/2 " long. No wonder it hurt!

I didn't even work with the palm tree the day I got the thorn so it must have been in the grass where I was sitting pulling weeds. Note to self...wear long pants when working in the yard!

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! Wear good shoes, too. I have a flip flops story.