Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I did it again!

I just got a phone call from my daughter. The way she says "Hey Moma" with that sing song voice just makes me smile. Anyway we are talking and she says "what are you doing?" I answer, telling her I am still in my gown, looking at my sewing room while working up the nerve to work on a top I don't want to work on. Then the question...."do you know what day it is?" I stand there kinda of stunned trying to get my brain to unfreeze and calculate...nope, I got nothin'.

Me: "What day is it?"

Kari: "It's my birthday!"

Oh man! I did it again! I have her birthday card all ready and stamped but forgot to mail it! I should have gone with my first thought and mailed it with her Christmas letter! UGH!

Me: "Oh Kari, happy birthday!"

I am so glad my children understand I do not ever remember special days. EVER! I forget my own birthday and anniversary if no one mentions it. I am one of those "live in the moment" kind of people. Either that or I am too cheap to buy a calender! LOL

Anyway just a note to tell you how special my daughter is. She can make you smile just by the way she says your name. God has blessed her with a beautiful voice. She is the best nurse anyone could ask for when you are sick. Many times she has cared for me after surgeries. She is the funniest person I know. When we go to dinner she will keep you laughing the whole time. You usually have to tell her to stop so you can eat. She has more crazy stuff happen to her.

Twenty four years ago I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Still to this day when I think about her birth I get tears.

We lived 70 miles from the hospital. My dearest friends were visiting and Linda told me I was probably in the early stages of labor. I called the doctor and he said I might want to come to the hospital when my pains were about 15 minutes apart. No problem! My friends leave and Ray and I get in the car. My pains have been 15-20 minutes apart so we are all good to stop and get gas. The INSTANT he pulled in the station for gas my pains hit HARD!

I tell him in no uncertain terms that we have enough gas. Get in the car!

Knowing we have 70 miles to go he starts driving pretty fast, but only about 5 miles over the speed limit. Then the next pain hits and it was only about 4 minutes since the last one. He speeds up more and turns on the flashers. Yep, Mr. Texas State Trooper turns on his lights. Ray says he has to stop and I give him a really UGLY look. After just a few seconds of the officer talking to Ray and then me, he says..."I can't tell you to speed...but please be careful"

As we are racing down the freeway we pass and I mean PASS no less than 3 police cars and all of them wave as we go by.

We arrive at the hospital at 7:58 pm and Kari is born at 8:27 pm. The doctor didn't even have time to get his gloves on. He caught her bare handed! LOL

She has lived her life in overdrive since then. She could never wait to be old enough to do anything. She wanted to do everything that life had to offer with no fear.

Still does.

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