Friday, December 18, 2009

Today and the next two weeks

I cooked all day. I have been thinking about Italian Wedding soup ever since we had some at a little diner in Clearwater last weekend. It was amazing! So, today I gave it a try. I followed a recipe that sounded similar and I made something that was really good although it needs some tweaking.
Then I decided to make some bread. Note to self...always check expiration date on the yeast! It bubbled up when I proofed it, but the bread fell. Oh well, I ran to the store and bought new and have a new loaf baking now. Nothing like fresh bread at 11pm! LOL

With Ray taking the next two weeks off work my days are going to be different. He has something planned for us to do almost every day until his return to work, Tomorrow we go to the movies. We have tickets to Busch Gardens and there is at least two visits to Disney planned.

OH, the bread is ready!

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