Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It is madness around here! I can't keep my mind on one thing long enough to complete the task. I was talking with my friend Linda yesterday and she hit the nail on the head...A.D.D.

I'm not making light of a disorder since one of my children was diagnosed when he was in elementary school. I know it is a REAL disorder. What I am saying is I honestly believe I have A.A.D.D. which is Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. No I haven't been diagnosed and I most likely never will because I won't go through the tests but....

Long way around to say it is crazy around here.

I have piles of unfinished projects all over the house.

I start in the living room to sort books and magazines and I decide to take on to my bedroom.

I see a shirt that I know Ray will want to wear tomorrow but it needs ironing so I put down the book on the bed and start to iron.

Meanwhile I notice the iron is out of water so I head to the bathroom to fill it and see the bag from the store was not put away and I start doing that.

The phone rings, I drop everything and answer the phone because it could be Ray or Linda and I never want to miss their call.

After the phone call I decide I need to start dinner or it will never be ready. After getting dinner started I head to check the mail and chat with the neighbor about my moss roses (they are so pretty) and pull a few weeds.
An hour later Ray drives up and we chat about our day and I tell him all I have done. He walks in and NONE of what I told him was in a complete state.

I don't get it...

After being disgusted with myself long enough I headed to my sewing room determined to get something accomplished.

I trimmed some 1/2 sq triangles (tons of them!). I made a few 4 patches (a lot!) and I listened to some oldies music.
For those interested, I STILL don't have the baby quilt finished, or the applique project. They are still hanging around on the design wall, flannel backed table cloth thing where they may stay until Baby Erik is 17.
And now there is even a BIGGER mess on the floor! Does anyone want to come help me dig out? I need help...in more ways than one!


Linda said...

Wish I could come help you. I'm great with keeping people on task but not very good at doing it myself. LOL

Jo Caglione said...

LOL - hey just be like Scarlet O'Hara...."Tomorrow is another day!" It works for me:-)