Friday, April 2, 2010


I was so frustrated today with my husband. He was on a business trip all week and today, his day off, he went in to the office. Then he came home and immediately fell asleep in his chair. GRR! I wanted to spend time with him. I wanted to talk with him, I missed him. I managed to work myself up into an anger, as low boil kind of anger. How dare him to be gone all week and then give his off day to work!
Now you got to understand, I am not one of those needy kind of gals who needs a man to hold her hand for every little thing. I also know when it is important work has to come first over fun. But this weekend was the fourth out of five Fridays he has worked. He doesn't get paid for his overtime! I remind him of that!

Then...I found a blog that broke my heart. I am literally sitting here in tears. The blog is written by a woman (35 years old) she has two boy and is expecting another child. Her husband died.

All of a sudden I am no longer angry. I am thankful. Thankful my husband is here with me.
It's all about perspective. Thank you Lord for the perspective.

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