Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm still around

I have been trying to clean my house (deep clean) and finish my yard before the hot summer heat starts ( this week) and rearrange my sewing room also before the hot summer heat begins.

My house was fine, but when Kari moved back in things got shifted again and so I had to find a home for them. Whew, this house my be larger than my last house but it has much less storage space. Strange how that worked out. I am getting close to having everything in it's place. I just have to force myself to finish.

The yard is a MUST FINISH project. Once the hot summer hits I know I will not be working in the yard but just a few minutes in the evenings. So I have to get the last flower bed trimmed and mulched.  I will have pictures soon.

My sewing room last year got so hot I wouldn't work in it. This year I decided to move my sewing table from the window to the opposite wall (interior wall). My hopes being if I got away from the window, I might stay a bit cooler. The new spot also allows me to sit closer to the ceiling fan which helps a lot. Fingers crossed.

Little Girl and her sock
Little Girl's incision has not healed as well as Boo's. I discovered that Boo was "helping" her. He has always been very attentive to her. Now he is licking her incision. So we put the leg of one of Ray's socks on her. I hope this helps. She doesn't seem to mind it being there, but Boo thinks it is just one more way to grab her when they wrestle. I don't know why he doesn't stop, he always loses.  

Ok, back to work or I will never get to sew again!


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