Monday, March 28, 2011

Slow, but sure

I thought I would get the blocks made Saturday, but didn't get time until tonight.
Like I said I was playing in EQ7 and Block Base and liked this block.

Then I saw this block and liked it too.

Easy piecing. Nothing fancy. Fabrics I love. Sounds good.

As I was looking for smaller pieces of fabric to use so I didn't have to cut into my yardage I found a big box of civil war fabrics I didn't remember having. Apparently I put them in there for a reason, but for the life of me I don't remember. That is what happens every time I clean my sewing room.  I mentioned earlier that I had moved my sewing table across the room hoping to stay cooler this summer. As everyone knows if you move one thing you usually end up moving everything.  The only thing I didn't move this time was the fabric closet (obviously) and the large bookcase. Everything else was shuffled.
Shuffling often keeps things sorted and the unwanted items to a minimum.

Until later,


Bonnie said...

wow -- those may be "easy" blocks but they have lots of pieces. They look great. Shuffling works to keep things under control. Moving does an even better job if you have enough time.

Paula said...

Loverly blocks!! I'm pretty sure you set those fabrics aside to send to me. Remember??? LOL

Chris said...

Nice blocks. I really like the second one best.

AnnieO said...

I wouldn't have characterized either of these as easy, either, LOL! Making notes to myself about fabric I have stored different places is essential to my sanity, lest I use something intended for something else! How fun to find all that CW goodness tho :)

Julie Kaye from KS said...

I love both of those scrappy blocks. Your piecing is very nice.

Karen said...

A nice scrappy block. Looks more complicated than it really would be to sew.

Melinda said...

I really like the first block. It looks very complicated until you look close.