Saturday, March 5, 2011

Will I ever sew again?

Yard work, doggies, children, husband, splinter, complete exhaustion...too much!

I wanted to work in the yard a few minutes Wednesday and ended up reshaping two hedges. Thursday I wasa going to go out and reshape the last small hedge and ended up working for 7 hours. I ended up heavily trimming a Crepe Myrtle tree that looked like it had never been shaped. I have been slowly cleaning up the property line that has been taken over by the woods. I think I may never get it done. Ray came home right as I finished loading all the yard debris into the truck. Timing!

Friday I dropped the puppies off at the vet to have their surgeries. Boo Came home last night and he slept all night, until about 4:30 am. He woke up and was WIDE AWAKE! He wanted to play and go for a walk and lick my face. Silly boy!
Little Girl I picked up first thing this morning and she was pretty much alert. They both are sleeping alot but they seem to be doing good.

Children are a gift from God. I keep reminding myself of that. Nuff said!
Husband, he is also a gift.

I got a splinter and Ray almost cut my thumb off trying to remove it.

I am pretty sure I did too much Thursday and Friday. I am exhausted! My doctor told me I would feel better and be careful to not over do. Apparently I forgot.


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SandyQuilts said...

Oh dear. Next time use duct tape or elmer's glue.