Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fabric, patterns and magazines

I have spend the last couple of days working at the quilt shop. It started out as an average day and we, the owner and I, were ordering new fabric and books. The owner looked around afterwards and said, I think I am gonna move this fabric from over here to over there so we can get it a bit more organized. I say, Ok. DUMB ANSWER!

Did you know if you move one bolt of fabric you will end up moving all the bolts or fabric? Did you know if you move one fabric cabinet you will move many many more fabric cabinets? Did you know if you take one sample off the wall you will eventually move EVERY sample in the shop? Believe me when I tell you this is true.

What started out as a 15 minute idea of moving a few bolts ended up in 2 full days of moving, sweeping, dusting, sweating, get the picture. I do have to say that the shop looks great now. It looked good before, but changing it up seemed to make it look so much better. I guess it was like spring cleaning in late summer.

After we finished sprucing up the place we received an order that really excited me. We decided we wanted to prepare this for the next Block of the Month. It is by American Jane called Playtime.

Isn't it great? I Love it!

I am really picky. There aren't very many patterns that excite me, but this one has be "jazzed" ( as my friend Linda says ).

The next thing that came out of the box was this pattern also by American Jane. It is called Merry-go-round. I know it is not a new pattern, but I liked the fabrics and the look.
I really like the look that my Granny could have made this quilt.
I am also thinking this pattern would look great in my hand dyed fabrics. I am going to work on a few blocks and see how it looks.
There has been much discussion lately, not just on the Internet, about the growing disappointment in quilt magazines. I hear not only from online groups I am in, but also from local guild members that they are dropping magazine subscriptions. What is your opinion? Do you have subscriptions to magazines? Which ones? Are you pleased? Will you renew?
I am curious.
Let me hear from you,


Pam said...

Welcome to the Q4P blogring :))

You are absolutely right about "Playtime" that is such a great quilt. It is a block of the month? I think I need it - LOL

I don't have any subscriptions to quilting magazines - years ago I did subscribe to BH@G but now I just buy the ones I like off the shelves. I have been buying Fons and Porter mostly the last few months.

swooze said...

That move sounds like me shifting my sewing thing leads to another! It feels good when it is done though!

Kim said...

I love the merry go round pattern where do I get one?????
Quilt magazines I went from6 to 3 - I really don't like some lately

Linda said...

On the magazine question, I think after a few years everything in the magazine you're getting begins to look the same. Of course you have progress also. I've ended quite a few subscriptions and added others and they look kind of fresh for a few years also. I think we just kind of grow and get interested in other kinds of quilts (magazines).