Sunday, September 2, 2007

No energy to cook!

Do you have the same trouble I have? I spent a good part of the day planning menus for the next 2 weeks. Checking my fridge, freezer and pantry for items I have on hand. Looking through recipes for new ideas. I made out a shopping list and headed to the grocery store with husband in tow. I prefer to shop alone, but I really need help pushing the heavy buggy and loading the truck with the groceries. Plus when Ray is with me I tend to stay more focused and I get out of there with everything on my list. Anyway, I went and bought all I had on my list. Ray and I got it all in the truck and went home to spend the next 30 minutes putting it away. Now I am hungry and pooped! No energy to cook! LOL

I love to read Judy Laquidara's blog. She loves to cook and share her menus. I on the other hand only like to cook but I am not a great cook. Several times in my life I have been asked to not cook the same dish again. I would prefer to live the life where I had a live in cook, but alas I don't so I keep trying. I was a much better cook when all my children were young. We lived in a very small town with no restaurants. Seriously, we only had a McDonald's and a couple of locally owned diners. So I cooked every day and we ate out only occasionally since it was 2.5 hours to the nearest place with a restaurant. Then 9 years ago we moved here where there is a place to eat on every corner, well at least on every corner that there isn't a pharmacy or bank.

I have been getting a new sample made for my shows in October. I hope to have the border on it tomorrow so I can beg my friend to machine quilt it for me. Maybe I can finish it and take a picture.
This is a top I made for a guild workshop that I taught last year. Actually I made two, the one shown is out of my fabrics and then I made one out of scraps of commercial fabrics. This is a quilt out of an Evelyn Sloppy book. I have several of her books and have made several out of each book. Her instructions are very clear.
Well it is late and I must scoot.


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Kathy Wagner said...

What a gorgeous quilt! You must be so pleased with the end result!