Friday, September 7, 2007

It's the busy time again

Each year about this time I get super busy. October starts the crazy time for my business. I start having shows and will continue through Spring. I got a delivery of fabric yesterday so there will be strange noises around here for a while. My husband says I make lots of moans, groans and grunts as I lift, tear, spill, mix clean up, and tote tubs of fabric in dye solution. Then starts the rinsing which will leave my poor over worked washing machine begging for a break. I have a wonderful ironing station that lets me iron large pieces easily.

I know as soon as I put this in print I will not get it done, but this is the plan. I plan on spending the day and evening mixing dyes. I try to mix as much dye as I can in one or two sessions so I don't have to wear my mask everyday. I hate the mask, but I know it is necessary so I try to get it over with fast. Besides the fact the mask is uncomfortable, I can scare my dog when wearing it. Well it's a plan anyway.


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