Friday, September 21, 2007


We arrived late last night after getting started much later than we expected. We drove through the subtropical depression that has been all the talk on the news for the past three days. The rain and wind at times was really bad, but we managed.

I decided last I would take care of everything before going to bed so i could sleep late if I wanted. So at midnight I was ironing shirts and pants for the man and getting all of his stuff ready in the bathroom so he wouldn't slam bam around looking for everything. I send Ray on to bed so he can get to sleep as he was really tired after working 7 hours at work and then driving for 10 hours all evening. He is snoring before I can get the iron hot!

Wouldn't you know I slept until the late hour of 7am! Geesh! A whole 30 minutes later than I sleep at home. HUMPH...I wanted to sleep late! Like I used to BK-before kids!

Good news is this place is loaded with quilt shops! I found two within 10 minutes of the hotel! WOO HOO! And I have a list of about 8 more to find this afternoon and tomorow.

(This is from our room, see the curtain reflection?)

Ray's interview went well. He was told it was between him and one other person. I guess that is good because I think nine people applied.

We have been driving around looking at the lay of the land. I have only ever been to Disney World years ago, but I didn't remember much of what it looks like. It probably had something to do with having 3 kids under 10 in the back seat! LOL

It is very flat here, but there are more trees than I thought. I guess in my mind it would be nothing but sand, shells and palm trees. :^)

The sky is beautiful! Bright blue with lots of white puffy clouds.

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