Thursday, May 29, 2008

Organizing headache

Do you remember the post where I showed the horrendous state of my unorganized room? Well I started sorting and culling a couple of weeks ago. I also started refolding my fabrics so they are all neat and tidy, so they can get all messed up in the most most likely. LOL
I woke up yesterday with such a horrible headache it hurt to blink my eyes. I took some Motrin and laid back down but someone put a sign in my yard saying " Please come work in the neighborhood with every loud machine you can find". My bedroom is in the front of the house just about 30 feet from the street, the neighbors across the street and just south of me are getting a new roof and they started at 7am. The City decided this would be the day they remove and replace a storm drain cover directly across the street, with a jack hammer, they started at 7:30.
Let me tell you, going under the covers and using two pillows over my head did nothing to stop the jack hammer from pounding in my head. I drug myself out of bed, and went to the only quiet place in the house,my sewing room. I couldn't see to sew, which was a moot point since the room was so strewn I couldn't get in the door much less to my chair. So I thought I don't have to see well to fold so that is what I did. ALL DAY.
I have anything a yard or more folded over my large ruler and anything less than a yard but larger than a fat quarter folded over a smaller ruler and all fat quarters folded like they come from the quilt shop and anything less than a FQ is in a box for cutting into strips or squares at a later date.I didn't figure I needed to play with a sharp object if I couldn't see well. I am dangerous enough with good sight and no headache but with both I thought I would end up in the ER.
Today I still have a headache but it is not pounding so I think I can function.
Today is the day I take my quilt (given to me by my guild) is going to the quilter. I am so excited!
I will post pictures of my pretty folded fabrics later after I return from the quilter.



Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh that's sounds awful...the noise and the headache...but getting your fabric folded sounds great. Look forward to seeing pictures.

Linda said...

When are we going to get to see the picture of all that fabric folded neatly?