Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just another day in my life

The week has pasted by in a blur. Last Wednesday started the day from "(&$!:
Joseph got stung on the face by wasps, so I cancelled a trip across the bay with friends, I felt uncomfortable leaving him home alone doped up in Benedryl.
I have been dealing with a back ache since going to Disney World the previous week. I took some pain meds I had and went to bed and that is when Kari called after her wreck.
I finally was able to go to the doctor on Monday and she put me on all types of meds and two WONDERFUL shots!
Now it is Wednesday and the shots are gone and the meds aren't nearly as great as I first thought.
UGH My back!

Tomorrow the moving company representative is coming to survey the house and decide how big of a truck and how many packers we will need.
We have piles all over the house of things we want and things we don't.
If all goes as planned the movers are to arrive the 29th to pack us and we should be in Florida unpacking boxes by the 2nd.

As ready as I am for all of this to finally be over and for us to be together in the new house I am sad for it to be here. I am already missing my friends.
I thought I would get to see some of them tomorrow for one last hurrah, but it looks like it won't happen since I am still taking pain meds and muscle relaxers, it would probably not be good to mix them and driving.

I finally heard from my family in Houston. Everyone is accounted for so I feel better.
My sister had surgery today to open a blockage in a vein in her groin. If all goes well she can go home tomorrow. I'm praying all goes well, Joy has been through so much.


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